Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Maclaren Strollers Press Conference

Please be informed that Maclaren just held press conference in HK on 11 Nov 09 and below are key points from the press conference:

1. Maclaren has acknowledged the reality of incidents in the USA but insist that they are due to the absence of basic safety precautions to be taken by parents whenever any umbrella stroller is unfolded

2. Maclaren USA, as an industry leader, proactively contacted and discussed with the American CSPC on how to avoid such incidents

3. In all these discussions, Maclaren reminds all parties that its products are perfectly safe and fully compliant to the most demanding international safety standards, and this for the last 40 years. The company fully stands behind this statement and is proud of its

4. In addition Maclaren emphasizes that by following basic safety measures as published on our product instructions and on our websites, such incidents are easily avoided.

5. In light of these elements it was decided that no similar decision as taken in the USA was necessary on Maclarens global markets.

Monday, November 2, 2009

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Fisher-Price: Newborn to Toddler Rocker

This multi-usage baby gear does more than just rocks your baby to sleep. It is specifically and carefully designed with safety (seat-belt restraints, adjustable heights and angles) and function ability in mind to enrich your baby's every waking moment, be it at play or during feeding time, making this an essential baby gear for all your baby's vital activities.

Newborn to Toddler Rocker is easily portable. It is able to withstand your baby's weight from newborn up to 18kg.

Functions of Fisher Price : Newborn to Toddler Rocker

As a Sleep Rocker

Many babies use ryhthmic behaviours to soothe themselves to sleep. The Newborn to Toddler Rocker has 3 important features:

1) Low Profile Frame

This rocker is easily adjusted to a low position so it becomes a comfortable and secure bedding.This supports her fragile neck as she falls fast asleep.

2) Rocker

The rocker's gentle rocking motion further coaxes even the fussiest of babies to fall asleep with minimmal effort.

3) Calming Vibrations

These sleep-inducing sounds remind baby of the sounds she used to hear while in the womb. Repetitive and monotonous, they lull the baby to sleep.

For Feeding & Bonding

Its wide-based frame with safety restraints and versatile seat angles are designed to enrich your bonding experience as you lovingly feed your baby and watch her grow day by day. The seat cover is machine washable so if she decides to be playful with her food ... join her for some fun!


When your baby's awake, she looks forward to exploring new world. Her brain is like a sponge, quickly soaking in all that you teach her so it is important that her toys be fun and educational. With this in mind, the toy bar on the Newborn to Toddler Rocker will help promote her development in these areas:

1) Eye-hand Coordination

With different toys of different play functions, your baby baby learns to use both her visual and mental skills to control her muscles to initiate movements, through repetitive play.

2) Visual Stimulation

Eye-catching toys of contrasting colours, patterns, designs, curves and symmetry promote her visual development so she can gain better control of her own movements and slowly learns to interact with her new environment.

3) Auditory Stimulation

A sound-rich environment is important to stimulate your baby's learning and growth. Although well developed at birth, her sense of hearing is not as refined as an adult's, but her sense of of hearing continues to develop throughout her infancy period. As you jingle the musical toys while talking or singing to her, her hearing skill sharpens. This sets an important foundation for language development.

Source of material: Leaflet of Fisher-Price : Baby's Companion While Sleeping, Feeding & Playtime (Newborn to Toddler Rocker)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

BPA FREE - What is it all about ?

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Bisphenol-A (or commonly known as BPA) is a hormone-disrupting chemical considered to be potentially harmful to human health and the environment.Bisphenol-A also know as BPA has estragenic properties which in animal tests has shown to cause serious health risks such as an increase in prostate and breast cancer,uro-genital abnormalities in male babies, and a decline in semen quality. Early-life exposure to BPA can also cause genetic damage. Researchers found that BPA causes chromosomal errors at low levels of exposure in mice, which can lead to spontaneous miscarriages and birth defects. As for human data, one study found that women with a history of recurrent miscarriages had over threefold higher levels of BPA in their blood compared to women without a miscarriage history.

Adverse effects include:

• Early onset of puberty, and stimulation of mammary gland development in females
• Changes in gender-specific behavior
• Changes in hormones, including decreased testosterone
• Increased prostate size
• Decreased sperm production
• Altered immune function
• Behavioral effects including hyperactivity, increased aggressiveness, impaired learning and other changes in behaviour.

BPA is used in the manufacturing of baby feeding bottles in the material of polycarbonate (commonly known as PC). BPA is used to strengthen the chemical properties of the polycarbonate plastic to ensure production of good quality and durable baby feeding bottle. However, the use of BPA in baby feeding bottles is now discouraged in most countries as the adverse impact of BPA is known.
It has been known that scratched and worn polycarbonate container will leach BPA into liquids. Furthermore, heating food and liquids with these plastics is shown to increase the leaching of this chemical. Most parents aren't aware that baby bottles may be harmful, and that there are safe alternatives. Use alternatives instead of polycarbonate plastic baby bottles and “sippy” cups.

Knowing what we do about BPA leaching and the real risks to children’s health, you might be surprised to learn that most plastic baby feeding bottle and many “training” or “sippy” cups are made of polycarbonate. Fortunately there are alternatives, including baby bottles made of glass, polyethylene (PES) or polypropylene (PP). Those made of pliable, milky-colored plastic contain no polycarbonates. Example of manufacturers of baby bottles that uses BPA FREE material are Philips AVENT, Tommee Tippee, MAM, BFree Plus, Nuby Natural Touch and many more quality brands. Most parents are now switching over to BPA FREE bottles to avoid the health risks imposed by polycarbonate bottles.

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